Sunday, May 1, 2011

Right on Schedule

Great news! My return appointment (Friday) went surprisingly well! I do not have preeclampsia!  My Blood pressure has gone down significantly. Everything seems to be perfect all of a sudden. As weird as it sounds, I admit I am a bit disappointed. I was hoping I would get to meet the girls sooner than the 19th...oh well! I will just keep myself busy with crafts! I made this headband yesterday afternoon. I plan for her to wear it in her newborn photos.

My mom finished the owl hat ( for the newborn photos) as well! I had her use angora yarn to give it the fuzzy feathery effect :)

I think it's funny and super cute :)


  1. So happy to hear that everything came back perfect! The 19th will be here before we know it :) Hang in there mama!

  2. Thank you!!! I hope it flies by!!

  3. I *adore* that hat! Your mom did such a wonderful job! =) Hang in there honey,... it's almost time! I won't lie... I'm a bit jealous that you're going to "be there" before me! <3

  4. Great news on the appointment and Pre-E!
    Cute headband and hat!

  5. I love both of those sooo much! You are so close to having your little girl..I agree I am jealous!