Thursday, April 28, 2011

I officially have a C-section date!

The hospital called today. They have me scheduled for May 19th! If I make it that long that is! Tomorrow morning I will turn in my jug o' gross and have my BP checked again. If things have not changed I may be meeting our girls soon! Yay!

On a random note- my mom is busy knitting this hat ( in light pink) for baby A's newborn photos. I hope it turns out!  I think it is too cute.


  1. Congrats on having your date set! (Super cute hat!)

  2. My Dad is shooting for that date for us (it's his Birthday). I keep telling him to shhhush and not till the 21'st since that is 37 weeks...but what is two days I guess...
    That's such a cute hat :)

  3. Thats awesome having a date set!

  4. Thanks ladies!

    April- Haha, I say two days is nothing :p!! I hope your dad gets his wish! :)