Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A little bit about us

Dustin and I crossed paths for the first time my Freshman year in college. My roommate  and I had made the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity our second home...

At the time he happened to be dating an older sorority sister of mine..I passed him in the hallway and remember thinking "wow, that ridiculous drunk guy is hot!" hate to say that now, but it was true!
Can you believe this guy is going to be a father?!? Haha Just Kidding :)
Our paths did not cross again until my junior year. Over the years I made friends with his best friends. He had just come back from a semester in Australia and happened to be rooming with one of my very good friends ( the guy in the Pike shirt in the picture above). The three of us had a great conversation. That weekend they had a large house party. He asked me up for a drink and had the guts to go for a kiss. We have been together ever since.

One day he asked me to marry him. I thought we were too young, he proceeded to ask me every day for a week! I finally said yes. He picked the setting, I picked the stone :)                              
One year after that we were married :)
The day after graduation he moved to California to work as an engineer on the Los Angeles  Mass Transit expansion project. Two days after the wedding  I FINALLY, after a long-long distance relationship,  moved to California to join him.
Now, almost two years after we got married, we are expecting a baby

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